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Seven important measures to think about when planning your loft conversion

Loft Conversion

Moving home can prove to be too expensive for many families especially in the current economic climate, but having extra space added to your current home like a loft extension, for example, may not be so expensive. If you and your family crave for that much needed extra space, it will pay to contact a loft conversion specialist and see what they can offer you.

Loft conversions are proving to be very popular these days, and if installed and finished correctly can add significant value to your current home. They are being installed in all different types of homes, so no matter how small your loft maybe a loft conversion specialist will be able to maximise the space accordingly.

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions can provide extra space for the children to play in or extra space for an office if you work from home. Lofts can even be turned into a much needed extra bedroom so your relatives can stay over, and they can even be turned into bathrooms if space allows.

Check the internet for a loft conversion specialist near you. Also, scan the local newspapers and shop windows as they often carry adverts for a local loft conversion companies. Ask around your friends and neighbours too. They may recommend a top quality loft conversion specialist to you or know someone that can.

Many companies will now offer you a free no obligation quote for your loft conversion. They can visit your home and inspect your premises and advise you on what would be the best course of action to take. After an initial consultation, they can draw you some plans to give you some idea of what your loft conversion will look like. Also, any reputable loft conversation specialist will even organise any plumbing and electrical wiring for you as well as those all-important finishing touches. In fact, they will plan, design, organise and fit everything you require from start to finish.

Once you have decided to undertake a loft conversion, there are some important basic measures you need to keep in mind before you get carried away with your designs. These include access, light, heat, space, and purpose.

1. Access

You will need to plan a staircase for access to the loft, whether it is a simple folding ladder or a spiralling design masterpiece. Think about how much space you have to work with and other aspects you may want to incorporate, such as storage.

Loft Conversion

2. Space

This will ultimately determine the function of your loft or attic conversion. The steeper the slope of your roof (known as the pitch) the more space you will have to work with. You may even find that you have room for an additional mezzanine floor.

3. Creating Space

If you do not have as much room as you had hoped there are ways you can maximise floor space without undertaking drastic structural changes. For example, you can extend into the eaves of the roof for additional floor or cupboard space or fit a dormer window that will give extra headroom.

4. Light

It is important to think about light and ventilation in your new attic room. Many loft conversions include a swinging roof window or skylight which will bring light into your property without altering the external appearance too much. These types of windows can also serve as a fire escape and make a perfect window for star gazing at night. If it will remain in keeping with your house and surrounding area you could fit a dormer window that looks outwards and even include a small balcony. Make sure you check with your local Council for Planning Permission and Building Regulations for this type of work.

Loft Conversion

5. Heat

How will your loft be insulated and is your boiler large enough to cope with additional radiators? These are important things to consider as they could add significant costs to your original plans. Insulation and ventilation are also requirements of building regulations so ensure you research these well to ensure your designs are compliant.

6. Water

If you are hoping to fit a bathroom in your loft conversion you will also need to check out how your system will cope with the extra pressure required to feed hot and cold water to another floor.

Loft Conversion

7. Layout

Think carefully about where furniture and electrical sockets will be placed. Is there enough headroom and what about storage? Planning will ensure these measures to not cause you problems and extra costs further down the line.

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