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Staircase Renovation

Did you know that staircase can be a house main attraction? Beautifully design handrail, efficient use of storage under it and matching steps colours are all value points that can be done by hiring an expert or doing it yourself!

Before jumping into the how-to, let’s take a look at what to remember when renovating the staircase.

1. New trend is that really what you need?

Surely, the new trend is what everybody talks about. Such as the new glass staircase that has been the talk of the town. It’s transparent, classy, and vibes luxury to the house. However, did you know that there are some cons expressed by some users?

For example, glass staircase are fragile. Of course, most are design to hold even heavy traffic through the stairs, but they are not invulnerable to bumps. Especially if you plan to move heavy furniture up the stairs, you will have to brace yourself because accidents may happen.

If you plan to renovate your steps to glass material, it may get slippery much easier compared to wood or other materials, so children and elders may be prone to accidents.

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2. You can add your storage

Storage under the staircase is one function people like especially in small houses. Staircase takes quite some space, so of course you’ll want to expand a little bit under your stairs. You can store various equipment, cables, items you do not use as frequent anymore and some even turn them into pet’s room or shoe racks! We won’t be discussing deep on what and how to make storage space, but here we’d like to emphasise that there are more you can do than simply replacing handrail, steps and spindles.

3. Proper planning

After you decide why you need to renovate and what kind of results you want, start planning. Search for the materials that you want and compare for quality. Also, search for the pros and cons of the materials that you use, suits it with the weather condition and the environment you live in.

Find out if you country or state has regulations regarding staircases such as the amount of handrails per steps. If the country requires you to have a permit, ask for it before you begin remodelling because it may take a few days before it is issued.

Consider the time and your skill. The bigger is your renovation the more time you will need, as well as higher skills. You can be spending days and even weeks on it, so your daily routine will definitely have to change while the staircase may be hard to access. And finally, the cost. Again, different design and materials will incur different price. Think about the maintenance, too. Glass stair for example, costs more when they need to be repaired and is prone to crack with children and carrying stuffs up and down the stair. On maintenance, you also need to learn how to maintain it as long as possible.

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4. Hiring can be the best way

Sure, doing it yourself can be cheaper but hiring an expert can ensure quality results, so don’t feel too bad. Safety is the first thing we all need to prioritise and experts know what to do in the least amount of time. You maybe able to fix the spindle or steps, but renovating can be a different issue especially if you’re doing it from scratch. There’s the skill and the time you will have to spend, so think about it thoroughly!

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