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How to choose the right colour for your walls

The appearance of your walls could be more important than you think. Not only do walls keep you safe and secure, but they also speak a lot about your personality and character. Every colour tone and wallpaper always has a little bit of something to say about you. That's why it is absolutely critical to pick the right colour for your walls. By doing so, you will be able to create a magnificent living space that fully radiates everything about you, thus leaving your guests and loved ones happy always. Below are a few excellent tips to help you choose the right colour for your walls.


Know what your rooms require

Different rooms usually require different colours. For instance, the master bedroom does need a somewhat intimate feel to it than a kid's bedroom. To achieve such an ambiance using just walls, you might have to use unique colour shades that are brought to life in dim lighting such as rich navy blue, taupe, and so on.

On the other hand, a kid's bedroom would require a bit of a livelier touch that adds more spark and enthusiasm into the room. This is where you would need to choose colours that accentuate wallpapers that emulate the child's interests.

Additionally, a place like the living space always requires some sort of soft and subtle touch which is easier to achieve using neutrals. This goes for the kitchen and bathroom space too.

Painting, Colour walls

Match with furniture

One easy way of choosing the right colour is by using your furniture. Take a good look at your living room for instance. What colour is your sofa set, table and TV unit?

If you want your furniture to stand out and be the center of attention in your room, go for lighter colour shades. For example, you could have your room painted light grey or light yellow if most of your furniture is black.

In case most of your furniture is made of glass, a plain shade of white would give your entire living space an expensive and classy modern look.

Lastly, you could always go for rich coloured walls if you mainly have wooden furniture for a more unique and natural appearance.

Painting, Colour wall

Use different shades of the same colour

You don't necessarily have to use separate colours to make your home walls look great. In fact, finding the right combination of colours for your entire living space can be quite difficult. So, just use different colour shades instead. You could decide to begin with lighter shades in the living room as you approach darker shades of the same colour towards your bedroom. Additionally, using the darker shades of the same colour for your focal walls and wall strips is also a great alternative.

Target a certain mood

Decide the mood you want to set for a particular room and let that determine the colour of your walls. According to colour psychology, various colour tones trigger different emotions in individuals. For instance, bright colours are likely to stimulate positive emotions such as happiness whereas really dull colours could prompt negative emotions.

Therefore, make sure you identify the moods you intend to set in various rooms and the colour blends that go with it. For instance, a bright coloured wall would be great for a kid's room.

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With all that said, choosing the right colour for your walls will not be difficult anymore. Just remember to know what various rooms require, match with your furniture, use different shades, and have a target mood in mind.

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