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18 Different interior design styles part 1

A great starting point for an interior design project is to learn a bit about each of the styles and how they different from one another.

Traditional interior design: They are inspired by the European decor of the 18th as well as the 19th century.Traditional designs exemplifies symmetry, antiques and elegance. The style is both cosy as well as comfortable.

Modern interior style: Modern style is a very broad term. It refers to interiors which have crisp and clean lines with an extremely simple and basic colour palette. It incorporates the use of metals such as stainless steel and chrome in the interior decoration.

Contemporary home decor style: it is referred to the range of styles which came up during the 20th century. These kind of interiors contain bold colours, neutral elements and the focus is on the lines and shape.

Transitional interior design: It basically is the mix of classic and contemporary designs and is often referred to as the midway between the two. It is the combination of straight and curved lines to deliver a balance between masculine and feminine attributes.

Mid-century design style: It is the style which got famous in the mid 20th century. It broadly speaks of furniture, graphic designing and architecture. It lasted roughly between the years of 1930s to 1960s

Shabby-chic style: It is the cottage or farmhouse style. The designs are very friendly and warm. Not only do they embrace the imperfections but celebrate them as well. It is quite similar to the country style in French.

Industrial style: It refers to the aesthetic trend in the field of interior designing. It takes certain clues from industrial spaces as well as old factories and apply them while making a house. The style includes concrete, building systems, weathered wood, industrial lighting fixtures and exposed brick.

Electric Style: It is the mixture of various periods and styles which are brought together by the means of texture, shape, colour and finish. The colour palette is very neutral and sticks to a particular range of colours.

Beach style: Beach style is very fun and relaxed. The rooms are decorated in a typical coastal style with ocean hues and the sun-bleached white. Fabrics and natural materials are used to decorate the interiors.

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