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18 Different interior design styles part 2

Are you planning to decorate your new home and looking for thematic inspiration? Then you don't have to do it anymore as we’ve covered 9 interior design styles which are popular in most modern homes.

1. Farmhouse Design - Modern farmhouse décor is a great combination of comfort, practicality, warm, and a relaxed approach. It mixes low and high contrasts which beautifully works to create an inviting and warm space for the family. Woods and other inexpensive materials are mainly used bring an authentic sense of farmhouse in the village.

2. Mediterranean Design - Mediterranean is a popular interior design style in many modern house. It features lots of ornamental styling and distinctive elements such as curves, arches or columns. Earth tones are the most common colour scheme for this style.

3. Craftsman Design - With an open floor plan and many windows, craftsman design is one of the most desired style in many contemporary houses. It uses many built-in wood components like bookcases, fireplace mantles, or cabinetry. There are also many natural materials such as tile, glass, brick, stone, or wood.

4. Scandinavian Design - Increasingly popular, the Scandinavian design style emphasis a serene and clean simplicity which is universal in appeal. Its décor focuses on organic shapes with a tonal textural play, subtle interest, and relaxed appeals in all-white spaces. Colour hints are represented via art or textiles like rugs.

5. Rustic Design - Taking inspirations from the outdoors, rustic style is a mix of industrial and farmhouse design styles. It emphasis weathered and natural finishes, leather, stone, and raw wood, with a sophisticated bent and unexpected touches.

6. Asian Design - Asian design is uniquely layered yet minimal to bring a rich take in your home. It is mainly filled with natural light and organic materials. Thus, it create an open space to relax and enjoy.

7. Tropical Design - Tropical design often has an open plan space and features distinctive themes such as beach, jungle, or safari. This style typically uses reflective, light, and monochromatic colour scheme. Furniture and accessories are made of natural materials or tropical woods.

8. Southwestern Design - The Southwestern style comes with recessed windows or casement with ornamental grillwork. It often features warm, vibrant, and bold tones such as hold, red, yellow, or orange. Floors are typically made of terra cotta tiles or rustic brick.

9. Victorian Design - Victorian design can be a great option for those homeowners who want a traditional look. The wall surfaces are often textured with complex patterns like fabrics or wallpapers. Some other features include asymmetrical designs, decorative trim, and vibrant


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