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Best design for bathroom

If you think of tiles, the bathroom is the first thing that comes to mind, because tiles are used most often there. In fact, many tiles are particularly suitable for wet rooms because of their surface and thanks to a variety of different formats and colours, you can enhance your bathroom visually. Nevertheless, when choosing the bathroom tiles must be considered a lot. Because tile is not the same tile and not every will meet the required standards.

Special requirements for bathroom tiles. The bathroom is a wet room. The floor and walls are exposed to hot steam and moisture, so a covering is needed to protect against possible mold growth. For this purpose, ceramic tiles bring optimal properties, but also some natural stones are well suited as a tile material for wet rooms. While ceramic tiles made of stoneware or porcelain stoneware are very robust and resilient, care must be taken with the various natural stone materials, whether they tolerate alkalis and acids. Incidentally, when buying natural stone tiles, a special cleaner for the particular natural stone should also be purchased directly.

No matter which material you choose, always pay attention to the slip resistance of the floor tiles, so you prevent evil falls. For the bathroom tiles with slip resistance rating 9 or higher should be used. In floor-level showers, tiles of rating group B should be used.

Stylish tile designs for the bathroom. Once you have decided on a suitable material, you can start with the design selection. After all, tiles are no longer simply practical, white and square. Meanwhile countless designs are feasible. Various formats and a wide selection of colours and decors ensure that your bathroom can also be an expression of style and individuality. With decorative tiles, for example, certain areas, such as the bathtub, can be visually highlighted to create real eye-catchers.

Design tips for a noble look in the bathroom. Especially in bathrooms mosaic tiles, for example, come into their own. They give the room a noble look and depth. Even dark tiles in the bathroom provide a noble look. In this case, make sure that your bathroom is not too dark overall.

Design tips for small bathrooms. Small bathrooms can be visually enhanced by bright XL tiles, as they make the room look bigger. Especially bathrooms with walk-in showers enjoy large-format tiles in light colours. They reflect the light better and thus provide brightness. If they are used consistently for walls, floors and shower areas, this also makes the room look bigger. Large-format tiles look especially elegant when laid with a narrow joint. However, it should then be noted that the tiles have a high product quality and are therefore dimensionally stable. Even straight, rectified edges are important in this context. The alignment of the tiles when laying optical effects can be achieved, which make the room look bigger. If tiles are laid in landscape format, the walls and floor are visually elongated. If you want to make the ceilings of a room appear higher, you should lay the tiles upright.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate your bathroom with tiles and turn it into a wellness oasis. As long as you keep your eyes open when choosing materials, they are on the safe side with tiles in the bathroom.

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