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Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Cabinet styles There are various styles for cabinets that go with different kitchen designs or personal preferences. Here are some of the most common kitchen cabinet styles in use today.

Kitchen top cabinet

You will have to reach up to this cabinet. It is usually fixed four to five feet above the ground and is used for the less heavy stuff like cups and glasses. It may well also be used for storing cooking ingredients and other kitchen supplies.

Base Kitchen cabinet

This kind of cabinet or cupboard is designed to sit under a counter. Typically because of the convenience in terms of reach, it is the largest storing space. It can and is usually used to keep some of the heaviest cooking accessories such as heavy pots and pans.

Tall kitchen cabinet

Just like the name suggests this cabinet is relatively tall and has got storage space right from the bottom to the top. This provides for storage of a variety of kitchen appliances and foods. The heavier stuff can go at the bottom of the cabinet while the easy-to-handle stuff can go to the higher shelves.

Corner kitchen cabinet

This kind of cabinet is designed to fit into a corner. It comes in a variety of designs including some that stretch along one or both lengths of the wall form the original corner.

Speciality kitchen cabinets

These are specially designed cabinets that usually serve more than one purpose. They may contain both a cabinet and chest of drawers among other features. Many also come in relatively fancy and sophisticated designs

Appliance kitchen cabinets

This kind of cabinet is designed to accommodate kitchen appliances such as Microwaves, Blenders, Juicers, among others. They may be custom made to specifically store particular appliances of specific sizes or may generally be designed for the same.

Island units

This is a relatively new concept compared, for example, the wall cabinet. It is a stand-alone cabinet usually at the centre of the kitchen. This is a common feature in modern interiors and London kitchen designs.

Free-standing kitchen cabinets

This is a very rare feature in most homes in this day and age. This kind of cabinet is not fixed to a wall or floor and can be moved around at will. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Drawer units

Just like in the name, this is a set of drawer units usually used to keep utensils such as different spoons and other items such as kitchen cloths and aprons that are not currently in use. As you may have noted by now, there is something for everyone when it comes to picking a suitable kitchen cabinet for your house.

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