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Best tiles for Bathroom

Best Tiles For Bathroom

Choosing a bathroom tile is no joke. One needs to keep a lot of things in once mind before changing the bathroom tiles. Choosing the wrong tile could lead you to some real bad consequences. So here are a few tips which you can keep in your mind while choosing the right bathroom tile.

Pick a tile which is a must have for your bathroom. Traditionally when you start a bathroom renovation it's the one tile which you always have in your mind. It could be a unique accent tile or a plain white tile. No matter how the tile is pick it up as long as you want it.

Try not to include more than three types of tiles. After you choose you first tile, look for other tiles which will complement the first tile and will go well with the bathroom design. If you've made the first choice of an accent tile make sure the other tiles are more subtle while if you go for a plain tile then add some interesting colours to it.

Decide and have just one show stopper. Among the different kind of tiles you choose make sure to have just one show stopper. If you do not do so it will only destroy the harmony of the place. Also, make the floor tiles and wall tiles complement each other.

Do consider the scale. Large tiles are definitely in trend now. Also, they make your work easier but if you want a modern bathroom look then go for brick shaped tiles or tiles that are comparatively smaller in size. This also makes the shower floor slip free as it creates more friction.

Consider maintenance. Choose tiles which are easy to maintain as you do not want to spend all your day cleaning your bathroom. Choose tiles which need occasional cleaning.

After discussing the tips let's talk about some famous bathroom tiles:

Vinyl Tiles: They are cheap and durable. Also they are very safe for bathrooms.

Plastic laminate Tiles: They are durable and easy to clean.

Cork Tiles: They are really warm and comfortable. Also, they soak water really well.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are easy to maintain and resist scratches and wear.

We hope choosing your bathroom tiles will now be easier. Regardless of all the obstacles renovating your bathroom can be compared no less than an obstacle.

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