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Front Door Design

If asked what do you believe is the first thing most people notice about your home you might be tempted to say it's the landscaping or architectural design but the truth is that it's actually your front door.

All homes are constructed with the front door as the aesthetic focal point of the house so that guests feel welcome and can easily come in.

Having the right front door in the UK depends largely on the location of your home, if you live in an insecure area then safety is you primary concern and so a strong metallic door is the best option.

Luckily there are now options that can provide both strength and elegant appeal. If you live in a high end residential area where image is everything then getting a luxurious and ornate door design is the best way to go.

Most suburban clients go for flush doors which have a smooth surface and simple design but some people prefer paneled doors because they have room for creative input.

Fibre glass doors are popular for French designs and despite expectations are actually very durable and scratch resistant.

Aluminium doors are more popular with office buildings because aluminium is light and capable of resisting tough environments. Glass doors are very chic but vulnerable to breakage and fail to provide privacy.

These different door designs can come in different colors of your choice ranging from blue to red and yellow. If you want classy work delivered in a timely fashion and at affordable rate then everything comes down to getting the right construction company. Ecron construction company prides itself on having some of the best professionals in London who are dedicated to building the most stylish doors that convey both excellence and friendliness. Given the amazing testimonials from happy clients it is obvious why Ecron's name is synonymous with London's construction industry.

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