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House extension in the UK


With high prices of residential properties in London, many people are opting to adding extensions to their already existing homes instead of moving away to houses which are bigger and spacious in case of family increase. House extensions makes more sense to cut costs instead of buying another house or going to rent another house somewhere else. These extensions comes in many varieties and of different shapes and sizes depending on the owners needs, whether you live in a gardened London home, townhouse with a lot of outdoor spaces, getting an extra is bit more convenient of course with the help of a competent architect and contractor on board.

Why do extensions in London houses?

-Due to growing need of more space, lots of homeowners in north and south London may prefer extensions of their homes.

-Because of the extra space for the great extension, it is easier to incorporate the ideas you missed when building the original home or including modern features that are not available in the current home.

- You can have a lot of space to the outside and to maximize this space, you may require an extension from the main house.

-For those who want to add value to the existing house and transform the whole house completely, then an extension is not optional but compulsory in order to achieve this goal.

Types of London Extensions:

Over structure

This is an extension done on top of another existing structure such as kitchen, living or dining room.


These are small extensions done to the front of the existing house, although sometimes they can be big and be put at the back of the house not necessarily only in the front.

Multi Storey

This can be extended to or from any part of the main building. Wrap Around These are extensions created a rear extension and a side returns together.


Conclusion House extensions in the entire UK are very common and highly used compared to building new houses. It is easier to go for an extension than to build a new house.

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