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Fireplace design ideas

A fireplace is a striking extension to every home, but with different varieties of fireplace designs to choose from, getting the right design can be overwhelming.

In this article, we are going to provide you with fireplace decorating ideas, fireplace designs and also the inspiration you require. Whether you want to replace your entire fireplace or you just want to make small updates, then this article is meant to help you to make the best choice.

The following are the fireplace design ideas for room warming style:

Match your fireplace to your walls

There are times when the fireplaces stand out for the wrong reasons. If you need your fireplace to stand out, use the paint that matches the surrounding walls. This is appropriate if you opt for a deep colour instead of a pale neutral colour. Choose the tone in soft furnishings but ensure there is sufficient light to contrast the shad to prevent excessive usage. When sofa and gray stove are blended with metallic furniture do an outstanding job.

Fill the fireplace with shelving

If your fireplace is small and is not capable of housing fire because it has either been blocked or plastered over, it's essential to choose alcove for shelving purposes to fill the unwanted gap. This is well suited for bedrooms which are mainly used for keeping books and also in kitchens by creating additional space for charming displays.

Dress an inglenook

Inglenook is large open fireplaces which are the ultimate gratification for cottage living. They were used in houses for cooking and for people to come together for additional warmth but nowadays they are used purely for decorating and creating a conducive atmosphere. Their grand appearance is a perfect example of the rustic cosiness and displays which is a part of beamed ceilings as well as the comfy sofas. For the fire to work safely, you need to adequate ventilation in your house with an appropriate draught up the flue.

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