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Four Fresh Design Ideas for How To Style a Non-Working Fireplace

A fireplace is a beloved focal feature of whatever room it may be in, whether it happens to work or not. Even if your own fireplace is one of the many that are non-functional, there are still several ways to incorporate and design it so that it might help tie together a room.


1) Put in an electric fireplace system

If you wish you could have the magic of flame that occurs with a conventional fireplace but know that your own is incapable of ever having a real fire, have no fear, there are plenty of electric fireplaces that may provide the cozy experience you are looking for. While electric fireplaces are just a facsimile of a fire, the reproduction flame effect can be quite convincing, and most models act as a supplemental heater for the room. An electric fireplace can be found in a variety of styles to suit most tastes, and they needn't be expensive.

2) Professional design options

If you aren't sure what to do yourself, there are always designers who blog their own DIY creations, such as a beautiful faux-fireplace that pops by stacking cords of wood inside the hearth, shiplap-style faux-fireplace that comes with its own storage in the form of a drawer at its base, as an overlay to your existing setup or a prefabricated insert or cover to change the look of your hearth and mantel to whatever your tastes may be.

Tile design for fireplace

3) Freshen it up with new tile

Not every redesign of your fireplace need be a drastic, home-altering renovation. In fact, swapping the old tile on your hearth for new tile can be a fun DIY-job that is comfortably completed in a day or weekend.

4) Turn it into a bookshelf

While not the most original idea, filling your hearth with a bookshelf is a simple and inexpensive way to fill your empty hearth. Simply measure the size you are trying to fill and find suitable shelving for the space. If you are looking for something other than your average IKEA or flat-pack furniture, consider looking for bookcases secondhand. If you have the patience, and know what you are looking for, browsing vintage shops and yard sales can be a more than enjoyable pastime. And being able to regale your friends with a tale of the thrill of the hunt will make your fireplace bookshelf a fun conversation starter.

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