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Ideas for decorating a garden with wood.


Have you ever looked at your garden and thought it’s beautiful, but it’s missing something? Well that something could be some wooden decor. Using wood to decorate gardens is very popular and for good reason. There are so many ways to incorporate wood in your garden to make it look even more beautiful. The most obvious idea is to add a wooden fence, but there are so many more creative ways.

House extension

If you’re a handy person, you could build stuff to add to your garden. One idea to incorporate wood is building a wooden bench or chair. If you enjoy spending time in your garden, having a seating area would be a great addition. To make it an even cozier sitting area, you could build a small table to go with your chair or bench. If you have a bigger garden and don’t like the idea of a bench, building a gazebo could be a great addition as well. To add wood in your garden or yard, you can build a house extension. A house extension is an addition to an existing house.

If you like the idea of having a walkway in your garden, you could create one with wood in a couple of ways. You can take circular wood slabs from a tree trunk and create a pattern into the ground with the slabs that would make a walkway. Another idea to make a walkway with wood is getting rectangular pieces of wood and spacing them apart on the walkway. You could put gravel or stones in the path before adding the wood pieces or you could simply put them in the ground. If neither of these ideas interest you, you could get stumps of wood from a small tree or branch, make them the same height, and put them into the ground lining the path. You could leave it like that or add gravel on the path, in the middle of the wood stumps. You could also make holes in the tops of the stumps and put flowers or plants in them to add a more eye catching factor.

Loft Conversions

Another way to add wood to your garden is using logs. One idea is to turn your log on its side and make a hole and fill it with flowers. You could make a few of these and put them together for a centerpiece or you could use just one to fill a spot that may be boring or empty in your garden. If you have an ugly tree stump in your yard, you could also use this idea to create something beautiful out of it.


If you would like to add vertical decor to your garden you could get a wooden palette and hang flower pots on it. You could even paint the palette, so it would match the color scheme of the flower pots you use. Another way to add vertical decor is building a ladder. You could make the steps of the ladder and little wider and decor it with flower pots or other garden decor. You could also hang solar lights on the steps to add some decor that doesn’t involve plants.

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