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Modern Kitchen Extension in Surrey

Updated: Mar 12

We are excited to share the successful completion of a sophisticated kitchen extension project located in the serene Guildford, Ripley area of Surrey. This endeavour highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design solutions. Here is a detailed overview of this project, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

Kitchen extension in Surrey
Kitchen extension in Surrey

Kitchen Extension in Surrey - Project Overview

Our objective was to construct a contemporary, spacious kitchen that aligns with the aesthetic and functional demands of modern living. This project involved the installation of a premium kitchen suite, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and finished with exquisite materials. The chosen Parquet Flooring imbues the space with warmth and elegance, inviting you into a refined atmosphere.

Architectural Excellence and Natural Light

The exterior design is a testament to modern architectural excellence, featuring zinc cladding that adds a sleek, durable finish to the structure. The inclusion of expansive glazed front walls and a glass roof ensures abundant natural light, enhancing the openness and airy feel of the kitchen. This thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces magnifies the beauty and spaciousness of the extension.

Distinctive Design Elements

The character of the kitchen is further defined by distinctive design elements, such as an exposed brick wall that adds texture and depth to the space. The careful selection of stylish electrical fittings contributes to the unique ambiance, combining modernity with a touch of industrial chic.

House Extension Design
House Extension Design

Collaboration and Client Satisfaction

This project was brought to reality through close collaboration with a skilled architect, ensuring that every detail was meticulously planned and executed. Our client's satisfaction is paramount, and we are delighted to report that the outcome has surpassed their expectations. Their glowing testimonial, available for viewing on our YouTube channel or embedded in this blog post, speaks volumes about the success of this project.


The kitchen extension project in Guildford, Ripley, Surrey, stands as a testament to our expertise in blending elegance with innovation. By prioritizing client satisfaction and embracing collaborative design, we have created a space that is not only functional but also a source of inspiration. We invite you to explore the visual and narrative details of this project, as shared in our client's video testimonial, to witness the transformative power of expert design and craftsmanship.

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